To Kill a Mockingbird


Originally I had my mind set on creating a Facebook page to complete this Technology Presentation assignment. However, a recent book project I completed was done using a Facebook page and presented many problems in the areas of design, and relaying the url or page to Mr Dykstra. Weebly was my second choice. I had never created a website before and had no idea it was this easy. I had the impression that in order to create a website one had to create Custom HTML for the site to even function, among many other website terminology that i was not familiar with. In this webpage design I offer a Home page: giving background of the author and how her early life helped her to write "To Kill a Mockingbird." Characters: Offering a Concise summary of all major characters, and some minor characters. Major Events: Key events that took place in the book and captured my attention. Courage: I decided to include this page because many examples of courage exist throughout this book, I include the three that were easiest to recall because of there significance.